The House of Refuge Ministry, founded in Newark, Delaware, in 1993,

brings you the author of the cards, plaques and books, Helen James Swift.

Along with sending a message of hope at the end of the tunnel and upholding

a strong faith in God, you will find that The House of Refuge Ministry is committed

to customer satisfaction and happiness.


The House of Refuge Ministry aims ...

  • To support and further the Kingdom of God by being true disciples: If you continue in my word, you will be my disciples in deed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. John 8: 31-32.
  • To build and operate in the fullness of the Five Fold Ministry of the Pastor, the Teacher, the Evangelist, the Prophet and the Apostle.
  • To create innovative ministries that will go into the highways and the byways and reach the lost and broken from all walks of life. And minister to them with the utmost level of dignity and respect to set the captives free.
  • To dedicate ourselves to the healing of the whole man, spiritually, emotionally and physically; mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • To create metrics that measures the success of the ministries current and future state.
  • To provide an environment that will inspire maximum participation and promote personal satisfaction that encourages and empowers the family unit and any individual to live life in abundance


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